Small things that might annoy your neighbour

Living peacefully with your neighbors is not easy. Several issues, problems and conflicts may arise. Now how your neighbor behaves with you is not something in your control but you can control the way you deal with your neighbor. Now out of the several people who try to get cheap rentals in Charlotte, some of them could be your new neighbors. It is important to understand that conflicts arise between neighbors are not usually due to a single or a particular issue. They are a result of a lot of anger and frustration that has been building up over a huge span of days until they burst and there is a huge fight. This anger towards each other develops because of certain small things/activities that you do each day that irks your neighbor and vice-versa. Now though there is not a specific list of things that might annoy your neighbor but there are some small things that usually annoy neighbors and to avoid any future conflict with them, you should stop doing these things immediately.

Pets: Now you might love your pet kitten or your pet dog more than your life and find them adorable and lovely your neighbors might not. In fact, most of the people absolutely despise their neighbor’s pets. Who wants to wake up in the morning to sound of your dog barking loudly? You may not be a light sleeper but it can get really disturbing for others to endure such sounds. Secondly, each time you take your dog out for a walk and encounter your neighbor in the hall, have a very firm grip on your dog’s leash and do not let the dog run free. Your neighbor might get highly annoyed by your dog constantly sniffing their feet. Moreover some people out of the many living in charlotte apartments may as well be allergic to dogs. So each time you take your dog out of your apartment, ensure that your neighbor is not bothered by it. Do all you can to avoid any such situation where your neighbor might feel uncomfortable? Everyone has their own personal space. And you should respect that.

Barbeques: So you decided to have a barbeque party with your friends in your balcony. While you are having fun, your neighbor next door might be cursing you. Barbeques produce a lot of smoke. And if this smoke is directed towards your neighbor’s apartment, this might annoy your neighbors more than anything. This can be avoided by changing the position of your barbeque so that the smoke doesn’t reach your neighbor’s apartment. You should be equally careful while having a bonfire in your apartment. Bonfires produce even more heat and smoke that might reach a lot of apartments in NC. Extra care must be taken while holding such bonfires and barbeques.

Cleaning: It is extremely important to maintain the cleanliness of your hallway and other common areas. Your neighbor might be a cleanliness freak hence it is important to keep things as clean as possible. Take your trash out on a daily basis and throw it in the garbage truck.

How to deal with stubborn neighbours

Dealing with your neighbors is not an easy task. In fact even after trying your level best to be nice to them and co-operate with them all your efforts might be in vain. If your neighbor is stubborn and refuses to co-operate with you, in that case you need to take a strict action so that your neighbors are forced to comply. Following are the steps that you could take to make your neighbors co-operate with you.

Complaining to your landlord: It is advisable that you should try to solve all your issues on your own. But when your neighbors refuse to co-operate, in that case you should call the landlord and complain because the landlord of is the prime authority in this situation that can solve your problem. That is why it is the best to keep your case in front of him and request him to intervene. Chances are that this will annoy your neighbors but at the same time there is a chance that the issue might be resolved when the landlord himself talks to your neighbors. There are several issues that keep on arising in apartments in NC and landlords intervene several times to solve them.

Calling the police: When your neighbors are excessively indulging in destructive actions, in that case the only option you are left with is to complaint to the higher authorities. You could call the police and inform them of the destructive actions of your neighbor. For example if they are being loud and making a lot of noise and refuse to co-operate, in that case you could complain to the police so that the issue can be resolved. Several cheap rentals in Charlotte have had such cases where dispute between two neighbors was settled by the police. So you could use this option if others don’t work out.

The law: Find out if your neighbors are doing something or anything illegal. An illegal action can involve underage drinking, violation of barking laws and making noises above acceptable limits. If you find any of their actions as a destruction of law you could threaten them that you would take legal action if they do not stop. This undoubtedly would piss off your neighbors but at the same time, they will get an idea of how much their actions are disturbing others and, who knows, they might as well change!

When all the above mentioned things fail the last and the only option that is left with you is to take legal action against your neighbor. But before you do that you should ensure that your neighbor is not only a nuisance for you but also for other people living in Charlotte apartments. Also if you take legal action you have to make a strong case in front of the judge in court against your neighbor. So it is advisable that if you are taking legal action you should do that only if you have sufficient evidence and proof against your neighbor. You could also hire a lawyer and explore the various other options that are available to you. If you cannot do without your neighbor’s cooperation and it becomes impossible for you to live your everyday life as a consequence, only in that case you should take such a strict and huge action against your neighbor.

How to be good neighbours

“Love thy neighbor” is the most commonly used proverb. But little did the creator know that loving your neighbor isn’t as easy! Charlotte apartments tend to accommodate more and more people with different backgrounds and mindsets. When so many people are made to live in a tall multi-story building, with each apartment in the building housing different kinds of people, it is possible for them to face problems with one another. In such situations the first instinct of any person is to blame it on your neighbor. Whether it is a conflict related to parking space, or damage of property, anyone and everyone puts the blame on their neighbors in such disputes. It is important to understand that your neighbor may not always be at fault. You should also take up equal responsibility for your own actions. One cannot expect someone else to be nice unless one is also equally nice. So following are the tips that you should follow to be in the good books of all the neighbors.

Be friendly: There are hundreds of people who live in apartments in NC and pleasing everyone is not your job. But the least you could do is be friendly and polite. Particularly, to your immediate neighbors as they affect your life to a large extent. You can always pass a wide smile or give a warm handshake when you walk past them in the hallway. Also, you can always make small talk by asking them about their life and if everything is fine. As a formality you can always enquire about the health of their family members, relatives, etc. Being nice to your neighbors has a lot of advantages. Particularly when you are going through a tough time or facing hardships, the same neighbors will act as your pillar of support and help you face the difficult situations.

Be Helpful: There are several cheap Charlotte apartments that are easily available these days because of which a large number of people are buying these apartments and taking them on rent. With so many people already living in these apartments and new people moving in each day, there are a lot of chances of making good bonds that last a lifetime. A bond can be made stronger by being helpful. Always offer a helping hand to your neighbors. They may not always ask for help, but you can always offer it. You can watch their kids, or provide them with small favors. If you help them, they will always stand by you through tough times. If you got their back, they got yours.

Get to know each other: Before beginning any kind of friendship it is important to know your neighbor well. Your friendship cannot flourish at all if you don’t know your neighbor well. It is important to know basic things about your neighbors like where they are from, if they are married or if they have kids. Get to Know about their life and let them know about yours. Find out if you share common interests.

How to avoid conflicts with your neighbours

Apartments in NC house a lot of people; including people from different backgrounds and cultures. Since a variety of people are living in the same building, conflicts are bound to arise. Though they can be avoided to some extent but they do happen and in most of the cases are unavoidable. It is important to take care of the issues that might trouble your neighbors beforehand to avoid serious disputes with them. Following are the guidelines which you should follow to avoid conflicts with your neighbors and live peacefully.

Parking: This is the issue because of which the strongest of the bonds and relationships between the neighbors break. Charlotte Apartments suffer from lack of parking spaces. To avoid any sort of conflict with your neighbors, it is important to park your car or any other vehicle in an appropriate manner. You park your car in such a way that it should not occupy too much space. Park it in such a way that it consumes minimum space and leave plenty of room for others (your neighbors) to park their vehicles. If you reach home late, ensure that you park your vehicle in such a way so that when your neighbors leave for office in the morning the next day, they can easily take out their car. Leave plenty of space so that the cars that are already parked can reverse and can be taken out easily. Not to mention the biggest and the most idiotic mistake that you could do is parking the car in front of some apartment’s main door. This way you limit the access of your neighbors. Also ensure that when your car moves in reverse mode, it doesn’t produce any sound/horn. This can be a major cause of disturbance for your neighbors. Take special care of this if you reach home late at night from your work. This will make your neighbors wake up from their sleep and may lead to a huge dispute.

Several cheap apartments in Charlotte that have a paucity of parking space use parallel parking to park their vehicles. In parallel parking, the vehicles are parked side to side. While doing parallel parking ensures that there is sufficient space for your neighbors to open the door of their car and access it. Leave sufficient space so that the doors of all the cars can be opened properly.

Noise: This is another issue on which almost everyone must have fought with their neighbors. The best way to avoid this issue is to sound proof your apartment by adding such material to your apartment that absorbs sound. But at the same time, you should do the best you can to avoid disturbing your neighbors by keeping the sound levels as low as possible. If you are planning to have a party in your house, inform your neighbors about it a week earlier. Inform them about the timings and if they still have some issues, you can always solve the entire problem by inviting them too!